I Want That Love

“I am capable of a lot of love,” is what you said; and my heart skipped a beat before crashing to the floor.

You weren’t talking about me. You and I are no more.

Your future missy, whoever she may be, has my blessings and my wellwishes too.

But, most importantly, I pray she can give all that love back to you.

You darling man, you are so special it’s almost funny how you don’t know,

Your own worth; your character, your sense of honor, your honesty and your trust;

I am so grateful to God that he led me to you, if only for a simple tryst.

You are capable of so much love, it will almost be too much to handle;

I am glad though that I was the reason you recognized that part of your personality,

Regardless of how much I wish I could be at the receiving end of that love,

What we had I shall always cherish; It was enough

To last a lifetime, to create memories that will never grow old;

Everyday I pass without you by my side,

I pour all that love for you into the future I now keep in sight;

It is a future with only me, which is not truly very surprising now;

Since, to quote you, “you have spoiled me to be honest,

and I can take no more bullshit or drama for anyone anymore”

Who’s going to settle for that?

No one, I’m sure.

So I’m working on building a small world for myself,

Where only I will be (along with a few loved ones, obviously)

I may look at children and yearn for one of my own

But then I remember you,

and my heart recoils from the thought of making babies with anyone else;

regardless of what the future holds,

I wish you the best of luck and your lady love,

Even though, secretly, my heart yearns for the love you’re capable of giving…

For the love I have not yet known.


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