We Don’t Talk Anymore 


You disappeared.

Without a trace.

And I don’t even have pictures to remember your face, with. 

You just ghosted. 

As if there was nothing between us.

And here I am still waiting,

My brain refusing to accept that I got roasted.

I thought we were close. Weren’t we? 

I know you better than anyone else 

You know me better than all the rest

Then what happened? How come you just up and left without a word? 

You didn’t even bother to give me a headsup. 

I can tell what you’re thinking just by taking one look into your eyes, 

You can’t hide shit from me behind that smile. 

I know how deep the pain lies.

I wish you could have trusted me to heal you, trusted me to teach you to leave it all behind. 

You have a set image of what you want in life; 

And even though we fit perfectly, just right; 

You can’t seem to see past the image of the future blinding your eyes. 

But I guess every good thing has an end. 

And our relationship, even though it was one of the most beautiful parts of my life, reached its natural conclusion.

I’m not under any delusions. 

I know you left. 

My brain accepts that fact, even as my heart is bereft. 

There is a wound there; i hope it heals quicker than yours have. 

I need to move on; I can’t spend my life looking back. 

Wondering what could have been. 

Wondering if I did something wrong. 

But I know I didn’t. 

But maybe, just maybe, you will let me know what happened in your brain; 

For you to just jump the train; 

POOF! Gone in a split second 

Trying to control the meltdown happening in my brain. 

Maybe I scared you off; 

Maybe you sensed me coming too strong; 

Maybe you fell with me, before you even realized what was wrong… 

There was definitely something there. 

You can deny it all you want; I don’t care. 

I know we both sensed it; it’s okay.

I knew this would end one day. 

Just wasn’t expecting it to happen so soon. 

Guess I should have been better prepared. 


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